Magql is a GraphQL framework for Python. It’s pronounced “magical”, and it is!

Magql wraps the GraphQL-Core library to make it easier to work with. Magql provides three big features over GraphQL-Core:

  • The schema is mutable. It can be defined (or generated) then modified to add/remove/change behavior before finalizing.

  • Types can be referenced by name, rather than using large lambda functions to resolve forward references.

  • Robust input validation can be applied anywhere in arbitrary input structures, and errors in the result can be matched back to those arbitrary locations.

Check out these integrations that make building an API easy:

Magql is the core library, and other integrations can be built around it as well. If you use a different data source or web app framework, or something else with GraphQL, we’re happy to help you create an integration and grow our ecosystem.